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Laura Weltman, a professional attorney at your service

I'm happy to represent you in any situation where you need defending. I have decades of experience as a consumer advocate, so trust me with all your legal problems!

I have experience dealing with manufacturers and distributors of automobiles, RVs, trucks, ATV's & boats - no matter your model! With a good strategy, there is always something I can do.
The Lemon Law is a specialized subject for which much experience and in-depth knowledge of the law is necessary. That is why I have dedicated myself to thoroughly studying all the legislation to provide you with an efficient service that protects your investments and you as a consumer.

My commitment is to approach your case in the most ethical, passionate, professional way. I will do everything possible so that you are feeling supported and informed every step of the process!

Fair compensation without abusive fees

The Lemon Law is a very comprehensive piece of legislation that not only protects you as a consumer but also requires the manufacturer to cover the costs of legal representation without you spending a single dollar.

You can trust me to do whatever it takes to get a fair refund for either the entire car or for losses caused by a defective factory vehicle or get the product replaced.

Thanks to the " consumer statute, " the authority can freely interpret the Lemon Law in favor of your situation. Thanks to this, you have more significant opportunities to receive compensation for manufacturers and distributors to sell a product with factory defects.

With this legislation, large companies are obliged to offer products that meet the standards and at the same time meet their expectations as a user. It also ensures that you do not spend more money on a product you need but do not fulfill its function despite several repairs.

I am well-versed in your state's Lemon Law provisions and have years of experience representing consumers like you. I can help ensure that you are protected from any legal implications when getting a lemon car legally replaced or refunded by an auto manufacturer--or if litigation is necessary.
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